ISPECT TECHNOLOGY combines optical spectra technology and artificial intelligence, provide a fast, accurate and non-invasive detection system which allows companies to easily scale up their quality control efficiency. We develop not only fixable but also portable customized total solutions to meet each company's different demands, helping our customers to manage their detection process in a much more better way. 

01 / FAST

Just a simple "Click and Read" is all you need to do! Our detection system only requires 3 to 5 seconds per detect while the traditional methods require hours or even days to operated. 


The accuracy of our detection system is now 97.5% so far, and it is still improving. Our final goal is to achieve 100% accuracy and provide a  high efficiency detection total solution for our customers.

03 / No Sampling

Unlike the traditional methods, our detection system does not require any consumables and sampling, it not only reduce the waste caused by testing, but also remain the production capacity while having an extensive detection.



ISPECT is a Taiwanese company which committed to make optical spectra technology useful and affordable for all the industries. Our members included professional experts from optical, biology, electronic, IT and business, in order to fully understand our customers from different industries and meet their demands.


We are helping industries to break through existing self-quality control issue, get over the limit of the existing inspection technologies and to truly solve the pain. We hope to become  benchmark for testing companies and bring positive influence to society, industries, and the environment.


We combines optical spectrum technology and AI big data analysis, developed the detection systems for the needs of different industries. Compared with the traditional methods, our detection system has a breakthrough advantage in terms of speed, accuracy and ease of use.

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